Manufacturing Facility

Auto Line Machine

Auto Line Machine: With the automation of the duct production process, our Auto Line Machine ensures consistent quality, precise measurements, and increased productivity.

Pittsburgh Lock Former

Pittsburgh Lock Former: This versatile machine is essential for creating strong and secure duct connections using the Pittsburgh Lock mechanism, ensuring leak-proof and durable installations.


TDF & C&S Machine: Our TDF (Transverse Duct Flange) and C&S (Corner Seam) machine enables us to manufacture ducts with sturdy flanges and corners, ensuring structural integrity and seamless joint connections.

Corner Machine

CNC Plasma Cutter for Fittings: The CNC Plasma Cutter enables accurate and intricate cutting of fittings, providing tailor-made solutions for even the most complex ductwork requirements.

CNC Plasma Cutter for Fittings

Corner Machine: Our Corner Machine ensures smooth and precise bending of ducts, guaranteeing optimal airflow efficiency and minimizing pressure losses.

Ready to Install

Ready to Install: We take pride in offering ready-to-install duct systems, meticulously manufactured to reduce installation time and effort, making the process seamless for our customers.